Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit
AT Armor Rhodesian Army Camo Paint Kit

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Rhodesian Paint Kit:


We have spent an exhaustive amount of time researching and matching the colors to those found during the bush wars. This is not a big box store hit and miss paint match, we were demanding about having these match up perfectly.

This historically accurate Rhodesian Camo paint kit is an oil-based paint kit consisting of three parts.

You get two 2 fl oz bottles of paint (Rhodesian Dark Green and Rhodesian Light Green (aka "baby poop").

We also give you a 1 fl oz of flat should you choose to knock down the natural shine of the oil base.

Full instructions are included as well as three squeeze caps should you need them. This kit is enough paint for one project plus a little leftover for touch ups or an additional small item.

We are a company who loves Freedom and history. To this end we are providing this kit as a historically accurate (with modern materials) paint kit to match those common colors found during the bush wars that plagued the African Continent last century. We disagree with any subjugation or separation of free people based on color, creed, or religious belief. Unfortunately sometimes those that gravitate toward the historical interest of the bush wars leverage it to further their cause of separatism; this is not our world view. We pursue this interest as a tribute to all anti-terror and anti-communist forces that fought the good fight.

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AT Armor PVC Rhodesian Army Patch

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